Monday, January 19, 2009

Urban Coop II

As anyone that has remodeled knows, things rarely go as planned and even more rare, finished on time. As I worked away on the B’s coop, I realized that this indeed was the case. This was one project that was going to take a while. In the meantime the 3 B’s were flourishing and had outgrown their plastic box, prompting a move into Blu’s kennel. Blu is one of our mini Aussies. He wasn’t impressed with the B’s living in his home and appeared to be joining ranks with my wife, giving me the occasional stink eye. As I continued to work away on the coop, things like Labor Day needed to be celebrated, taking time away from the completion. We packed the B’s up and took them down to the beach for the holiday weekend. I think they enjoyed themselves immensely, until they were spotted by one of our resident bald eagles. Quite amazing that they understood the urgency of cover as we frantically rounded them up. Instead of the typical game of chase, with lots of bob and weave, they bunched together and waited for the calvary. I like to think they are smart, but as their instincts have evolved over thousands of years, anything to do with life preservation took center stage. Sensing panic is one of them.

Finally, in late September the coop was complete minus the predator security screening. I announced to the wife that the B’s would soon be living in their new crib. I thought Darnell was going to do back flips. I think she may have shed a tear. Not so fast, I had to tell her. The B’s would be staying in until the predator security screening was put in place. As the end of September neared, the 3 B’s Crib was complete! Inside, they have a nest box made from a wine crate, perches to roost and their very own sectional sofa. The flooring is 12X12 tiles over plywood and the doors are barn style sliders made of plywood and steel. I’d like to see a rat chew through 3/16” steel plate! Nothing left to chance when it comes to the 3 B’s. A celebration was in order! The coop was done and the Ravenna farm house had offically turned 100 years old this year. So the grill was rolled out, the invites sent, and friends and family came to celebrate.


  1. Stumbled on your blog through Urban Chickens. Great stuff here, glad I found y'all.

  2. I soooooo get your love of these chickens! I find chickens to be such wonderful little creatures; not only do they "gift" us with eggs, they are immensely entertaining! I look forward to reading more about the 3 B's~ Julia

  3. Thank you Dana and Julia, the B's look forward to more tales as well.

  4. James~ your coop is amazing. From the one picture on your main page i knew there was more to it. Thank you for your detailed description. I love that they have a sofa. Since they like cheese and the nest box is made out of wine crates; what do they think of wine with their cheese?

    You also might be on to something here. Seems like you have quite the following of ladies on your blog. Keep up the good work my friend. When it warms up in Seattle this Summer I may have to seek you out. Maybe we can take the chicks for a beer.