Friday, January 23, 2009

Greenlake Take II

It's still sunny (when it's not foggy) in Seattle. This often seems to happen in January, where we experience a sustained high pressure system, and 1-2 weeks of fog and sun. The B's have really enjoyed the sun this week and we feel for the freezing B's out there, lot's of chitter chatter of comb and wattle frostbite on the backyard chickens forum. The 3 B's don't have to worry about that, they live in the house when it gets below 30 degrees (until I run electrical to the coop) and install a heater. These look like a reasonable route to take for that purpose.


  1. Love the pictures of your Polish chickens. Can't believe they come in the house. My kids would love that.

  2. I don't know how you found my blog (probably from you having lived in Puyallup!) but I just wanted to say I'm seriously looking into getting chickens!!!
    ANY sort of info or tips you can suggest would be very helpful. I don't want to get baby chicks though...afraid I'll kill them or something terrible!
    your chickens are beautiful! I love the hair/feathers (see now there I go embrassing myself by saying Hair!)
    anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog. Its appreciated!

  3. Hi Marcie,

    I saw you comment on Crunchy Chicken and that you're in Puyallup, our hometown :)

    I think of their crests has hair too, a natural response to an un-natural looking chicken!

    If you learn well from books, "Keep Chickens" is perfect. Chicks do require extra care and have specific needs, so if you want pullets (teenage hens) you may be able to find some on craigslist. BE SURE YOUR GETTING HENS. If you want eggs, then they should be 1 year or younger. Coops are easily built (if you or someone you know makes things) and can be made from found/scrap things if you're creative. I went a bit crazy with the B's Crib, that was part of the deal I made with 'the wife'.

    Thank you and appreciate your comment (Farmchick too),
    James and The 3 B's

  4. These have to be the three luckiest chickens in the world, most chickens are taken into the house only as a meal. O_O

    I heard polish hens don't see all that well, is that true?

  5. These 3 would be a poor meal, they sooooo skinny. Which is how I like my G's too, petite :)

    They can hardly see a thing, except the ground, which is where they are always looking for food. B Diddy can still see pretty well, her crest is more of an 'up doo'

  6. Is there a concern with all teh other bird poo around. That your B's might pick up something? I have heard GL has issues, no?

  7. Anonymous~ You must be local, no one uses GL unless they are in the know. Your comment is abit confusing though. Not sure birds eat other bird poo

  8. I'll have you know, the 3 B's are not allowed to fraternize with ducks and geese at GL. On the social ladder of fowl, I find the B's to be several rungs above the pond birds of GreenLake :)