Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On a super sunny Sunday, 'Lil B chills at the park. We were at Greenlake Park which we live near and please note, chickens can be fed at the park, which pleased 'Lil B.


  1. That is great! I should take my chickens for a stroll in the park!

  2. If you can swing it, go for it! The kids were very intrigued by the crested B :)

  3. You are doing a great job, James!

    The chicken community is amazing! My wife and I just made a cross country move (Wisconsin back home to Alabama) and we're living (short term) in a town that doesn't allow chickens. Of course, I went to the city hall and looked up the codes, talked to the planning guy, etc. Seems I can get a $500 fine and 30 days in jail for keeping chickens in town. Crazy.

    We kept a flock of about 30 on our farm in Wisconsin and our eggs were prized by many. We never had food scraps to throw away, and the poop made magic happen in the garden. It's a shame that towns don't readily accept small scale chicken ranching.

    I tracked down the police sergeant for our neighborhood, and he said, "Go ahead and do it. I'm not gonna be the chicken police."

    We're going to do it.

    We'll go to the immediate neighbors and ask if they'd mind fresh eggs now and then. We'll ask them for their vegetable scraps for our chickens and our compost and they'll get eggs in return. What a great way to connect a community. Why doesn't every town allow or even encourage home chicken flocks?

    Are you familiar with the film 'Mad City Chickens'? My wife and I are featured in the film as the wacky transplants that feed grits to their birds in the depths of the Wisconsin winter. Here's a link to the filmmaker's blog: They'll be showing the film at the Victoria Film Festival on February 3rd... try to get there if you can.

    Keep up the good work, and I'll see you again,


  4. Dear Gulland,

    If your neighbors are cool with your B's, go for it! I'm really glad I got mine, the wife is still on the fence.

    I'd heard of 'Mad City Chickens', and now I know a movie star. I will surely be seeing this film!

    Ps. I saw you in a trailer