Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Day

B Diddy & Lil' B bask in a glouriosly sunny Seattle day - then they took a dirt bath.


  1. James, I came by to check out your blog, and was instantly charmed by your crazy haired chickens! My girls would demand I take them to the hair salon! lol. Can't wait to check back and see how your "farm" is doing!

  2. Hi Darlene, glad you checked out the 3 B's, they're very entertaining girls. Do you recognize the Mission Mountains? The family homestead is in Charlo, MT and we took the B's there this summer. My relatives found it quite odd that the city folks brought chickens, or that we even have pet chickens.

  3. James, Looks like I could hang with the B's. Sounds like nice weather up there. Keep'em coming, like to follow your blog

  4. Oh, come on, now! Nothing THAT cute actually exists. Must be photoshopped.

    seriously, though. That's adorable. How can anyone not love chickens after seeing that?

  5. I was pleasantly suprised by the Montana shots, and sorry, the only editing in photoshop was resizing.
    I thought the same about the chickens as well (love them), but the Montana relations looked at me even more quizically as I paraded them around the ranch, camera and aussies in tow.
    Check out the new pic at bottom of blog, 'Lil B checks out the Seattle skyline Sunday. I did photoshop out the string that was tied around her leg (just in case, I had no desire to chase a chicken around Alki). Truth be told, she did as instructed and struck several poses :)

  6. That is some amazing plumeage. (Sp?) What a bird!