Sunday, April 12, 2009

Molten B's

It's now March and the 3 B's are molting. We've discovered how vain these Polish hens are, as Lil' B can't even bear to look at the camera during a photo shoot. While I tell her she's still a very pretty B, she doesn't believe me. She sulks ands asks for cheese. Just hearing the cheese package opening gets the B's very excited, and they forget just how disturbing they look right now. I do feel like I've neglected them of late, as I'm back at my day job after a 2 1/2 year absence. So now I have 3 jobs, my own business (truedecor), Project Manager remodeling our commercial building in Georgetown (we're moving our entire picture framing operation there) and back at Picture Source/Art Club as General Manager.

Working 60-70 hours per week does cut into cuddle time with the 3 B's, so they've resorted to re-establishing the 'pecking order'. At first, it was B Master B all the way, but now B Diddy and Lil' B are throwing some smack of their own. That's impacted each B in an unfortunate manner, as each one has taken a hit to their new crest feathers. So I've been both nurse and referee of late (when I'm actually home). B Diddy was the first to show evidence of picking, and I'm happy to say she's recovering quite nicely. Lil' B has suffered the least, but I have spent some time healing scalp wounds. But B Master B is faring the worst, I've removed many damaged feathers and have had to deal with multiple feather cysts. I'm not sure why my B's get some many cysts, but I do remove them as they form. Bottom Line, the 3 B's are high maintenance B's!


  1. Great to hear about the 3 B's again. I've been wondering how they are doing. Spring can bring out some very funny stuff with them. I think they get severe cases of winter bla's.

  2. We have had some similar behavior with some new babies. Once there is blood, the others can't stop pecking! I've had to separate the kids until they have had time to heal. Fortunately, they heal fast. However, I'm not familiar with feather cysts. Sounds nasty. What does that look like...or do I want to know? Take a day off from time to time so you don't wear yourself out!

  3. Poor birds!
    We don't raise crested breeds because we read that non-crested birds pick on them. They sure look nice when they aren't molting, though!
    I didn't know chickens ever molted in spring!

  4. this is such an interesting blog...especially as I am a chicken keeper from wales in the UK, which COULDN'T be more different....

    ps I love seattle.....visited it once in 2000!