Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buy cage free only

The European union will ban caged hens for egg production by 2012. Will Obama bring real change?


  1. That is so sad, what a sad life those poor chickens have!

    I awarded you the "Tree of Happiness" award. Visit my blog for details, but please don't feel obligated in any way, only if you want too!

  2. I seriously doubt that Obama is going to change anything...change has to come from the people and I would strongly encourage anyone who doesn't know how most commercial eggs are raised to google "battery caged chickens". It most certainly is a practice that needs to be banned...and each person can start by only buying cage free eggs.

  3. I am behind Obama and Change 100%. I encourage you to write your local congressmen, governor and Obama. While President Obama has many important issues on his desk right now we can’t forget about the B's cousins. Here are some links James:

  4. That is awful!
    We have chickens and they have a large backyard to live in. How can anyone be that selfish?
    Maybe we can put the jailers in their own prison!
    Or maybe not.